push more, carry less.

ReadyShaker™ is the most convenient alternative to carrying around a big shaker cup.
  • pack your protein shaker
  • carry easily
  • fill your protein shaker
  • shake your shaker
  • drink supplements
  • recycle
ReadyShaker Disposable Supplement Shakers
How to use ReadyShaker

travel smart

ReadyShaker is the lightest, most portable shaker ever.

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no gym bag, no problem

fit anywhere, drink, recycle.

For all the times you'd rather avoid carrying a big shaker cup all day, ReadyShaker™ is always ready when you need it and disposable when you need it gone. Measuring a total thickness of only 320 microns, it's roughly 3x the thickness of a human hair - an extremely low-profile solution that can fit in your pocket.

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travel smart

save space, keep organized, travel smart.

You may be on vacation, but your workout doesn't have to be. Neatly pre-pack your supplements in the most space-efficient shakers on the market.

No more sacrificing precious carry-on space.
No more washing smelly shakers in hotel room sinks.

prep & go

No more setbacks, pre-pack & go.

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in a rush? skip the sink

a fresh, new shaker every time you need one.

Everyone's experienced a smelly protein shaker. Whether your dishwasher forgot to turn itself on last night or you decided you'd let your shaker ferment in the car all day; grab a ReadyShaker as a quick replacement.

ReadyShaker™ Specs

Try out the most low-profile shaker on earth and recycle it when done.

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meet ReadyShaker™

travel-friendly & always ready

Ultra Thin: at 320 microns thick, it easily fits in your pocket

Large 3-7/8 in. top opening: no funnels needed for loading

Smooth mixing: no need of additional blending aids

14 fluid-oz capacity: for diverse supplement options

Self-standing: bottom unfolds allowing shaker to stand when full

Drinking spout: designed for thick-consistency blends

Heavy Duty Zipper: provides a leak-proof seal for mixing contents

Safe, washable, recyclable materials: BPA-free & Phthalate-free

ready for ReadyShaker?

Try out the most low-profile shaker on earth and recycle it when done.

what fans say:

  • Awesome product! It's so convenient to be able to grab a new Ready Shaker every time I forget to clean my other shaker bottle. The mixes are also smoother than expected!
  • These things are exactly what I needed to make my training more efficient. I take my protein religiously 20 minutes after workouts, and now I don't have to worry about tracking a regular shaker all the time when on the road.
  • Love how compact and portable these things are. I've found them extremely useful packing into carry-ons when traveling. Although I'm on vacation doesn't mean I'm on vacation from the gym!

Lauren Gagliardino
Model at Heyman Talent


Boxer at Franyutti Group


Dentist in Dallas, TX